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Taking your kid to the beach to explore the tide, play in the sand and to discover all the new sights at the beach can be a new and a wonderful experience to your family and your baby. It is important that you plan ahead so that you can make sure your baby is safe and comfortable during the trip as well as while enjoying at the beach. Protect your little one from the sun and stay by his side while he is near the water, so that you can have a fun and an enjoyable day at the beach with your kid.

Packing everythingTake some large blankets to spread out and give your kid a spot to play, crawl around and eat. Pack a few extra blankets so you will have a dry and sand free blankets for your baby to use. Take a towelling throw on to keep your little one warm and dry at the beach. Pack a large light-colored umbrella to provide your baby a cozy, shady area while playing with the sand. Take enough water and snacks along with bottled milk and juice. And take some lukewarm water to wash if your baby gets sand in his mouth or eyes. Take some plastic bright colored beach toys such as beach buckets, toy shovels and beach balls for your baby to play with. In addition to these, make sure that you carry extra baby clothes and diapers to keep your baby dry and clean on the way home. Take a waterproof camera, you and your family are going to make wonderful memories at the beach so make sure that you capture all the exciting moments.

Protect your baby from the sunOverexposure to harmful UV rays can damage your baby’s skin. Your baby should be at least above 6 months for you to use sunscreen. Use a mineral based sunscreen to avoid any irritation on your kid’s skin. Apply sunscreen every two hours especially if your kid has been in the water for too long. If your baby is younger than 6 months try to keep their arms, feet and face protected from the sun with a swimming robes for kids or dress your baby in light weight and light-colored clothing.

Keep your kid safe in the oceanIt is not recommended for babies under 2 months to swim in pools, rivers or lakes therefore avoid taking your new born into the water. Babies find it difficult to regulate their body temperature so check the temperature of the water before your baby goes in and make sure to stay in shallow water.