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Home sweet home is a place where family comes together. It is the place where you share your best moments and your worst with all those that you love. It is also the place where you can look ugly but feel great. Because it is the place where you can be you, you should make sure that it is also designed in a way to not only reflect you but also let you be you. Here are some tips to help.


It has been found through many researches that having green in your sight range is actually relaxing and comforting in many ways. So no matter how big or small your home might be try to include a little pot with a fern in it or some other kind of little plant that you can have on display even in the middle of your coffee table. When you buy Hong Kong gifts online there are so many things to consider, but when it comes to buying a simple plant it is all about how much effort you have to put in to maintain it. If you want to put in the least effort, then you can even go for a small cactus!


Cushions play a huge role in adding detail to a boring couch of a dull color. While you might think it is perfectly alright to go for a cheap deal to buy these cushions, it is best that you avoid doing so. The cheap kinds generally tend to lose their sturdiness over time and end up looking like little cotton sagged bags. And no matter what fancy cover you put, it would still look the same. So when you visit a homewares shop make sure that you pick a quality one that isn’t too costly and worth the price.


There is no set rule that you should always have your furniture set up the same exact way as always. It is perfectly alright to move them around and try out something new. Doing so would also help you understand that sometimes such simple changes have a huge impact on the overall look.


Don’t stuff everything and anything you get to your hands in every corner of your house. Keep things simple if you want them to look classy. Every little detail you use should serve a purpose, if there isn’t one, then get rid of it or find a purpose for it.

 Think out the box when it comes to decorating the overall place. Sometimes you might find things that look better functioning as something else rather than their actual purpose. So if you feel like that mat looks much better on the wall, then hang it! You should also remember that in decorating, three is a good number guide to use.